What does Fortune do on an Axe in Minecraft? [Explained]

So, you have been playing Minecraft for a while and you know the use of the Fortune enchantment. But, you are left wondering, What does Fortune do to an Axe in Minecraft?

In this guide, I will tell you the benefits of Fortune enchantment on an axe and how to use it properly.

So, let’s get started.what-does-fortune-do-on-an-axe

Does Fortune work on axes in Minecraft?

Fortune enchantments work on Axes. With Fortune equipped with an axe, the chances of receiving items increase. There are three levels of fortune. Fortune 3, the highest level of Fortune, guarantees a higher potential of getting more saplings, seeds & sticks. The accuracy rate is not 100% and depends on the game’s algorithm.

The main motive for using this enchantment is to increase block drops while mining. The Fortune enchantment can be used on Pickaxe, shovel, and Axe. Note that, this enchantment won’t give you more woods. However, you can gather more saplings, seeds, melons from watermelons, apples from trees, etc. The higher the Fortune Level, the better the drop rates.

Should you use Fortune on an AXE?

To be honest, there aren’t any apparent benefits of this spell on the Axe. It won’t maximize the yield of items. Unless you are hungry and want food in survival mode, there isn’t any more use. You can gather melons from watermelon and trade them for emeralds, or hunt for apples to reduce your hunger.

The main drawback of this spell is that you won’t gain any experience for mining. If you want to equip the spell with the axe, you should use Fortune on a Diamond axe. The diamond axe will last longer and you can get additional benefits with the attached spell.

How to use Fortune on an Axe in Minecraft

You will need a pickaxe or an axe, an anvil, and an Enchantment Book (Fortune). Now place the Anvil on the ground and right-click on it. Place the Pickaxe and the Book of Enchantment to gain the Fortune Axe. You have to be in survival mode to gain all the benefits of using Fortune on an Axe.fortune-pickaxe-in-minecraft

For Example: Normally the chance of getting a diamond from a diamond block is 40%. With Fortune 3 equipped with a diamond axe, the probability of getting one diamond from that same diamond block is 60%. So, there is a chance to get one diamond from one broken block.

In fact, apple drop rate increases from 0.5% to 0.83%. So, there are only a few increments in rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Silk Touch better than Fortune?

Answer: Both Silk Touch and Fortune are enchantments used for a different purposes. The main difference is that silk touch is used on blocks that are needed intact, not items dropped from the block. Whereas, Fortune is used on woods, leaves, and watermelons to get more sticks, apples, and melons.

Question: Does Fortune on an AXE work on mobs?

Answer: Fortune enchantment doesn’t work on mobs. If you kill any mobs, the spell won’t increase the chance of getting rare items. The spell only works on shovels, axe, and pickaxes.

Final Words

Although enchantments are powerful, you shouldn’t waste it on an axe just to increase the rate of getting apples. You can find a village and loot their chests to gain food. If you want to use the enchantment, use it on a diamond axe. The Diamond axe will last longer than a stone or wood axe.