Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Won’t Open [Quick Fix 2023]

When I first thought of writing this piece, I never imagined it to be such a common problem for almost all Windows users. 

Due to some major changes in the latest Windows 10 operating system, many of its users are complaining that their Realtek HD Audio Manager won’t open.

Why is Realtek HD Audio Manager not Opening?

The main reason why Realtek Audio manage is not opening is due to outdated audio drivers. Another reason is the drivers weren’t installed properly the first time.

So, if you are experiencing the same, there is nothing to worry about at all. Because the solution to this conundrum is quite easy. 

In this article, I will explain to you with step-by-step details some of the ways you can solve the problem with your Realtek Audio Manager once and for all.

But first, let us go through some of the basics of the Realtek application.

Realtek Audio Manager

Realtek is the most commonly used audio system application in all Windows computers. It is the default app for audio devices that provides you with different options for changing sound settings.

Give any major sound code, and it supports them all. This application features multimedia playback, audio recording, speaker management, and overall audio processing.

Realtek Audio Manager is also one of the most user-friendly applications in Windows 10. Apart from assisting you in changing the sound, it also provides DTS, Dolby, and Surround Sound support for the users as well.realtek-hd-audio-manager

When you add any new device to the PC, like speakers or headphones, you will notice that the Realtek system is automatically detecting and playing them without an issue. That is why it is important to have good audio software.

Any application might not work due to it being outdated also. Every day new versions of numerous apps are being updated on the internet. If your Windows has undergone a new update and the sound driver hasn’t, your Realtek Audio Manager might not work in such situations also.

The solution to any problem lies mostly in figuring out its causes. When you can navigate the problem, it shows you the way to stop it or solve it from the root.

How to Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Won’t Open

For any computer software system, troubleshooting always requires you to identify the causes and symptoms of any problem. 

Once you’ve identified the reason for your sound manager not opening, you can try any or multiple of these fixes explained below.

Here are the steps to fix Realtek HD Audio Manager won’t launch issue:

1. Update the Realtek HD Audio Driver

A lot of problems that occur with tech software are simply because of outdated or faulty drivers. Sometimes simply updating those with the newest versions do the trick. By the way, make sure your computer is already connected to the internet. Otherwise, it won’t work. If you want to update your Realtek Audio Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Open the search bar of your Windows 10, type in Device Manager. You can also look for this Device Manager option in the control panel section.
  2. Click on it, and a new bar will appear. Navigate and expand the section named Sound, Video and Game Controllers.
  3. Look for Realtek HD Audio Manager or Realtek(R) Audio and right-click on it.
  4. Choose the option with Update Driver. Windows will automatically search for a newer version of the driver and update it.update-audio-driver

2. Rollback Drivers

The issue of not opening the Realtek Audio Manager might also occur due to the updates of other drivers on the computer. Besides, sometimes some apps contain bugs that prevent those apps from performing properly.

In these cases, you could apply the Rollback Drivers method. To do that, follow these instructions to the letter.

  1. Hold down the Windows key along with the key R
  2. Open the RUN Dialog Menu and Type devmgmt.msc and press enter.
  3. Look for the Realtek Audio under the Sound, Video, and Pointing Devices
  4. Right-click on the option and go to the drivers option there. Click the Roll Back Driver, and the application will automatically start installing the previous driver version.

3. Use the Windows Troubleshooting

This is probably the easiest option. Remember we talked about the orange-colored volume icon on the bottom right corner of the screen? Right-click on it and pick the option Troubleshoot Sound Problems. Follow the instructions as they appear on the

However, this method is not effective most of the time, as we’ve seen from our own experiences. But hey, There’s nothing wrong with giving it a try, right?

4. Update Windows

Sometimes a driver might also not work if the Windows is not updated yet. In that case, you should try updating the Windows wholly. On the search bar of your Windows 10, type in Update. On the new window, there will be an option named Windows Update. Click the Check for Updates option and your Windows with start updating. Once it is done, your Realtek Driver should work properly.update-windows

How to Access Realtek Audio Manager

There are several methods through which you can access the Realtek Audio Manager. But my most favorite one and also the easier one is followed by many.

Here are the steps to access Realtek Audio Manager:

  1. Open the File Explorer by pressing the Win+E key and  Navigate through C: > Program Files > Realtek > Audio > HDA.
  2. Look for a .exe file for the Realtek app.
  3. Click the file, and the Realtek Audio Manager will openrealtek-hd-audio-manager-pop-up

Besides this, you can also access the Realtek app through other means as well. For example, you’ll notice an orange-colored volume icon at the bottom right corner of your PC screen. Right-clicking it will give you access to all the necessary tools to control the sound of the computer.

Benefits of Realtek Audio Manager

Having a good audio program on your computer is important. It becomes all the more necessary when you’re a movie lover or a gamer. Without the best sound system on your PC, you can never enjoy the full experience of it.

Realtek Audio Manager is one of the best and most popular sound controlling applications for Windows computers. Other than just increasing or decreasing the volume, it also serves numerous purposes.

It is the go-to place for enhancing the overall sound quality of your PC. This application lets you choose between multiple speaker configurations, including Dolby, 5.1 Speaker, Quadraphonic, and even the famous Stereo.

The room correction tab of this application also allows you to adjust the volume and sound settings of each of the speakers so that you can listen properly even in different room setups.

Whenever there is a necessity for sound input, Realtek’s microphone adjustment tab lets you adjust the microphone volume and perform an actual test for your device. It also provides two awesome functions like Noise Suppression and Acoustic Echo Cancellation as well.

All in all, the benefits and functionalities that the Realtek Audio Manager provides for a computer are many, and all of them are necessary for a fuller audio experience.

Final Words

So, you can see if your Realtek HD Audio Manager won’t open know that you’re not alone. Many Windows users face the same problem at least once in their lifetimes. And the solution to this problem is also very easy.

We hope we have provided adequate information on all the necessary actions you could take to solve this issue once and for all.