Fix: Windows has blocked this software because it cannot verify the publisher Error

You might have faced a common IE error while installing an Add-on from Internet Explorer.

What causes Windows has block this software because it can’t verify the publisher error?

The main reason for facing this error is that the IE security settings can’t verify the publisher of the content. This Internet Explorer error can occur on Java and ActiveX that load on a web

In this post, I have compiled all the possible solutions to fix the Internet Explorer add-on installer security warning.

So, let’s get started.

How to fix Windows has blocked this software because it can’t verify the publisher

Internet Explorer has been replaced with Microsoft Edge from Windows 10. Even though I don’t like Internet Explorer that much, I know that almost 30% of users right now are using IE.

Sometimes in Microsoft Edge, this error pops up due to an unverified publisher. Before 2018, Internet Explorer was hyped enough for maximum users. However, due to bugs, glitches, and errors, the best browser for Windows is Google Chrome.internet-explorer-unknown-publisher-error

So, you may ask:
How do I stop Windows blocking unknown publishers?

Here are the steps to stop Windows from blocking unknown publishers:

1. Select the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorerie-trusted-sites-selection

  1. Open Internet Explorer and Click on Tools (gear).
  2. Click on Internet Options and select the Security Tab.
  3. Select Trusted Sites under the Select a zone to view or change security settings.
  4. Move the Security Level down to low and Click Apply.
  5. Click on the Trusted Site Button and type the URL to the website the software is hosted in the Add this website to the zone box.
  6. Click on Add. If the website doesn’t have a decent URL in HTTPS format, uncheck the Require server verification (HTTPS:) for all sites in this zone box.
  7. Close the tab and try to load the web page again.

2. Change Internet Explorer Security Settings

Some simple tweaks in the Browser settings will help you fix the error easily. Although I will highly recommend switching to Google Chrome as it is more efficient and reliable.

Here’s how you can change the IE Security Settings:

  1. Open Internet Explorer > select Tools and then click on Internet Options.
  2. Press on the Security Tab and select the Custom Level button at the bottom.
  3. Locate ActiveX controls and plug-ins under security settings. ActiveX is a software framework from Microsoft that shares functionality and data among each other through web browsers.
  4. Enable the settings (Download Signed ActiveX Control, Run ActiveX and plug-ins, and Script ActiveX control marked safe for scripting).
  5. Set the settings (Download unsigned ActiveX Control and Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting) to prompt.
  6. Click on OK and save the changes.
  7. Restart the browser to fix unverified publisher errors.

3. Change Advanced Security Settings

Open the Run Dialog Box. You can open the dialog box using Windows Key + R at the same time. Type in inetcpl.cpl and click Enter.

Click on the Advanced tab and uncheck the following boxes under Security Tab:

  • Check for publisher’s certificate revocation
  • Check for server certificate revocation

Click Apply > OK and Restart the browser.

There you have it. All the compiled steps you can get to fix the unknown publisher Internet Explorer error.

How to get rid of windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software window

This problem is easy to deal with and it’s a common IE dvrocx cab error which is basically an Internet Explorer error.

To fix this error:

  1. Open gpedit.msc and Expand User Configuration> Administrative Templates > System > Driver Installation.
  2. Double click on Code Signing for Device Drivers and Enable the window that appears.
  3. Choose Ignore. This disables all the drivers signing in to Windows 11. Now you can install unsigned drivers easily in Windows 11.
  4. Click Apply, OK.
  5. Restart your computer to install unsigned drivers.

Final Thoughts

Internet Explorer errors are common. However, I always recommend Google Chrome over Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, just because it’s error-free and doesn’t show problematic warnings.

If the IE installed in your device is important for you then follow the steps mentioned in this post. If the browser isn’t important enough and you don’t want to face EDVR cab error, then go for Google Chrome.