Fix Minecraft Login Button Not Working [Java Edition – 2023]

Consider yourself lucky because you are one in a million users who are facing the login button issue on Minecraft. When you go to and try to login, the login button doesn’t work. It’s not like your account has something to do with this issue, it’s just that clicking the “login” button literally does nothing.

In this post, I will tell you the most effective method to fix the Login Button on Minecraft.

So, Let’s get started.minecraft-login-button-not-responding-fix

Why is the Minecraft login button not working?

The Minecraft login button is not working due to a technical glitch. There are a handful of solutions to fix this issue. Out of which, Disabling the VPN and restarting the PC works the best.

You should also check if your Internet connection is stable or not. However, Don’t reinstall the Minecraft launcher as other people suggest. Because there’s nothing wrong with the launcher itself.

How to Fix the Login Button in Minecraft

Let’s skip the chitchats and move straight towards the fixes. But hold on. Before you move towards the fixes, use another device (mobile or pc) to login into your Mojang account.

Here are the steps to fix Minecraft Login Button:

1. Clear Minecraft and Java Cache Files

In this method, you have to delete both Minecraft and Java’s cache files. To delete Java cache files;

  1. Go to the Control Panel and select Programs.
  2. Select Java (32 Bit) / 64 Bit depending on the downloaded
  3. Go to the General Tab>Temporary Internet Files>Settings. Select Delete Files and tick mark both the Applications and Applets & Trace Log Files.clear-java-cache-files
  4. Press Okay and restart your computer.

Now open up the Run Dialog Box and type %temp%. Delete the Minecraft Folder as it contains all the unnecessary temporary cache files.

2. Turn off your VPN

Mojang’s authentication servers get blocked if you use any VPN before playing Minecraft. The result is not being able to play online and unable to login into an account. Disconnect your VPN and launch the game to check if the issue still persists or not.disconnect-vpn

3. Restart your Device

I know it sounds a bit weird but restarting the device fixes this issue. As I mentioned earlier, this issue is caused by bugs and glitches. So, restarting the device eliminates the issue.

4. Reset Account Password

If your Login button is not responding then you don’t need to reset your account password. However, if you are facing Invalid Credentials Error after pressing the Login Button then chances are your account got stolen. In that case, resetting the account password fixes the issue. Click on the Forgot your Password option from the login screen and enter a new password after answering some security questions.

5. Contact Mojang Support

This method is the last solution to your problem. Although it’s been a couple of years, Mojang didn’t respond to the login issue. Hopefully, this bug will get fixed and you wouldn’t need any general solutions.

6. Reset Minecraft in Windows Settings

Resetting Minecraft will help the launcher fix its bugs. However, you should try this method only if the above five methods failed to work for you. Because all the data will be deleted if you reset Minecraft.

So, here’s how to reset Minecraft:

Open Windows Settings>Apps>Apps & Features>Minecraft>Advanced Options>Repair or

Final Words

If you can’t log in to Minecraft, make sure the login button is working properly. If the button is not working properly, you better follow the first method mentioned in this post that is, clearing the cache files.

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