Discord Not Detecting Minecraft |Is OptiFine the Root Cause?

Optifine, an optimization tool for Minecraft that often isn’t compatible with Discord. Around 67% of Minecrafters noted this incompatibility issue. In fact, I am no different to them.

To make my Minecraft world look like a Moonlit night, I downloaded the software. Eventually, Discord was not detecting the modded Minecraft. However, it could detect the original version of the game.fix-discord-not-detecting-minecraft

So, why is Discord not Detecting Minecraft?

The main reason why Discord is not detecting Minecraft is because Discord’s database doesn’t have any information about the game. Initially, for any modded games, Discord won’t identify the game activity. In that case, Manually add Minecraft to Discord’s activity status.

Now that you know why isn’t discord detecting Minecraft, Keep Reading, As I’m about to show you how to fix Discord game detection problems step-by-step.

So, Let’s get started.

Does Minecraft work with Discord?

Official versions of Minecraft works with Discord. However, if you install any software like Optifine, BetterFPS, Minecraft shaders, VanillaFix, or TLauncher then Discord won’t detect Minecraft. In fact, Discord doesn’t auto-detect any modded games.

Since Minecraft is a java game, you must add game versions like 1.16.5 or 1.8. Or, you can use game clients like Bandilion or Lunar.

Proceed to the next section if you want Discord to detect Minecraft.

How to Fix Discord Not Detecting Minecraft

Before moving on to the latest fixes, you should know some other reasons why Discord is not detecting games. Here are some alternative reasons enlisted-

  • Playing any cracked, pirated or modded game.
  • Disabled activity status
  • Unstable internet connection

As a Minecrafter, I use Optifine just because it adds HD textures and has so many configurable options that adds icing to the cake.

Follow the steps to fix Discord not Detecting Minecraft:

1. Sign out from Discord

First thing you should do is sign out of Discord. Then open Minecraft with Optifine and then Login back to Discord. Go to Discord User Settings>Activity Settings>Registered Game. Add Minecraft and it will now be detected permanently.discord-add-games

If you can’t add the game, move on to the next section.

2. Turn On Discord Overlay

Updated version of Discord automatically turns on the Overlay Feature. However, if for some reason you tweaked some settings and forgot to turn the overlay back on, then you should give a quick look to the situation.

Go to User Settings and Select Game Overlay under Activity Settings. Checkmark the box that says, Enable in-game Overlay. Make sure the Launcher you are adding is running in the background.game-overlay-discord

Quick Fact: Discord doesn’t like any modded game clients. I use Optifabric, Litematica, MiniHud, as well as Malilib. But for any Quality of Life (QOL) mods, I am basically tweaking a few settings and still want others to know that I am playing Minecraft.

3. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration induces your GPU card to run Discord faster than usual. As a result, the hardware acceleration feature turns off the in-game overlay.

Go to the User settings > Advanced > Hardware Acceleration. Make sure the feature is turned off so that it can’t induce the GPU to run Discord faster and also automatically hamper the in-game overlay. Relaunch the game and check if the issue is resolved.disable-hardware-acceleration

Follow the next step if you can’t fix your problem till now.

4. Rescale Your Display Resolution

Around 20% Discord users reported that their Overlay didn’t work because of unmatched display resolution.

Suppose, you are playing Minecraft at a Display Resolution Scale of 100%. But, your display is set to a custom scale of 125%. In that case, you have to align the two scales.

Go to Windows Settings and Select System > Display > Scale and Layout Options. Set your Resolution scale to 100% (Recommended). Restart your game and Discord.scale-display-windows-11

5. Run Discord as Administrator

Normally, Discord doesn’t need Administrator access to run their overlay feature in the background. However, if you unintentionally modified your system’s Registry Editor and Service Processes, there is a chance that Discord’s default configuration got hampered.

In that case, you should allow Discord to run as an Administrator. Right-click on the Discord Icon and select Properties. Go to the Compatibility Tab, Scroll Down and you will find an option that says, Run as Administrator.run-discord-as-administrator

6. Add Minecraft to Discord Manually

You may ask, How do I sync Discord with Minecraft?

To sync Discord with Minecraft, you have to add your game manually to Discord’s game activity section. Go to Discord User Settings and Select Registered Games under Activity Settings. discord-user-settingsregistered-games-discordSelect the plus icon to Add the Game manually.discord-add-games

If neither of the above fixes worked for you, you should Reset Discord Settings or, you can Reinstall it to get rid of any bugs.

7. Reinstall Discord

Reinstalling Discord will prevent the app from any bugs. If you reinstall Discord, the whole settings will be refreshed and set back to default.

Open the RUN Dialog box by pressing Win + R. Type Control and press Enter. Under Programs and Features, select Uninstall a program. Search for Discord, right-click it and select Uninstall.

When the uninstallation process is finished, go to the official site of Discord and download the software for your desired device. Install the program and you are ready to go. Check if the problem is resolved or not.


Discord’s Overlay Feature allows users to stay in-game and communicate with friends easily. However, for any modded or non-genuine games, Discord won’t detect the game. So, in my opinion, Optifine is the main reason why Discord is not detecting Minecraft.

Do you also prefer playing modded-Minecraft?

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