Can You Post Links In YouTube Comments? [Read This Now!]

If you’ve been thinking about leaving a remark in the YouTube comment section but aren’t sure if anybody would read it, you’ve come to the right place.

Content promotion has been relatively straightforward in recent years because of the proliferation of digital marketing tools available on various platforms such as YouTube. It should go without saying that you should promote your stuff on YouTube in the form of videos.

So, can you post links in YouTube Comments?

YouTube allows you to post links in the comments section. It does not make them invisible or prevent them from being seen, as many people still believe today. Even though YouTube allows you to publish as many links and hashtags as you like in the comment section.can-i-post-link-in-youtube-comments

This tutorial will walk you through the rules for leaving comments on YouTube videos.

Why Does YouTube Hide Links In Comments?

When a creator switches on this new link blocking feature, any remark that includes any form of the link will instantly get forwarded to the user’s Held for Review area. From here, the YouTuber may either accept the remark, report it as spam, or simply hide it.

YouTube can restrict comments containing links, but words with links won’t be prohibited if they’re submitted by you, moderators, or allowed users. Live chat messages containing URLs are likewise banned. Comments containing hashtags and links can be examined and approved on your Comments page under the Held for review option for up to 60 days.

Being a fresh content producer in this day and age is incredibly challenging. There are already many individuals doing new activities because there are so many amazing people with quickly developing channels. It’s hard to be recognized and display your work; therefore, you need to select your most acceptable strategy to get you and the work out there.

The YouTube comment section is a platform for debates, the expression of sentiments and experiences, and the expression of one’s point of view on a topic that is currently trending on the internet.

In addition to meeting new people, it is an excellent way to gain knowledge about new subjects. Is it a wonderful place to promote your company’s products and services? Videos on YouTube can be found in nearly every category imaginable, making it an excellent platform for showcasing your professional accomplishments as well as your interests and personality traits.

There, you can find a variety of potential audiences for your work and put your work in front of them to gain exposure.

YouTube is the most popular online video platform globally, with over one billion users, making it the most popular in the world. Every day, dozens of hours of video are uploaded to the site in a single minute, and users watch more than one billion hours of video per day on the site.

Even though you can post links in comments, you should consider the following factors before doing so: Firstly, ensure that your comment and link are relevant to the video and that you are not simply commenting with a link. In turn, your link will be less likely to be removed by the channel’s owner, and it will be less likely to be flagged as spam by YouTube.

How To Post Links in YouTube Comments Section?

Posting a link in a YouTube comment is a straightforward and quick process. For this, there is nothing you need to do other than copy the URL and paste it into the comment box below the content. As the video creator on which you are leaving a remark is not the same person as you, please delete the link from your post.

Because if you are duplicating the link or advertising yourself regularly, the search engines will consider you are spamming their system. Because YouTube and the content creator have both the capacity and the desire to delete the spam, you are helpless to do anything about the situation.use-links-in-youtube

Consequently, be cautious about what you are advertising and prevent from sending spam. So it is possible to post links in the comments section of YouTube videos. You copy a link to a website, put it into the comment box, then hit the post. The issue is that your remark may be removed by the site’s author or designated as spam, which is a potential concern. In recent years, the practice of generating content has grown increasingly popular. More and more individuals are venturing out into the world and making videos, becoming influencers, or simply establishing an online presence for their company.

Good quality cameras are available for a reasonable price, and you can edit your material on your phone before uploading it to the internet. It might be challenging to determine which platform is ideal for advertising your work. Nowadays, you can discover your target audience almost everywhere, and YouTube is a great place to start.

How To block Links From YouTube Comment?

It is now possible for YouTube creators to personalize their comment area to eliminate spam comments that divert viewers’ attention away from debates and pleasant words in the comment sections of their YouTube videos. You may find more thorough instructions on banning lists on YouTube’s Help Forum, but here’s a simple lesson to get you started:

Open YouTube Studio and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Then, under Automated Filters, choose Block links from the drop-down menu under

It is your responsibility to ensure that the moderators and other users authorize comments containing links before posting. Messages that contain URLs to live conversations will be removed as well as the letters themselves. Comments held for review will be shown on the Comments page, along with hashtags and links. They will be available for viewing for 60 days, after which they will be permanently erased.

A list of terms and phrases that the creators do not like may also be created, and if a remark contains a word or phrase from the list, the comment will be kept for review until the creators can evaluate it. This feature, which also prevents comments from being posted in live conversations, can be found directly above the option to Block links.

This option is most commonly used for offensive and unpleasant comments under creator’s videos, which typically contain- swear words, racial slurs, and other types of language that portray prejudice somehow.

How to Stop Spam In YouTube Comment

Spam is also a significant adversary of YouTube producers since it obscures the visibility of the positive comments. Spam is the frequent posting of different links to websites and films that deceive the audience by informing them that they will see something but then direct them to watch something completely else instead.

Here are some examples of acts that YouTube considers to constitute spam:

  • Comments that contain Pay Per Click referral links are prohibited.
  • Comments about freebies that are intended to encourage pyramid schemes
  • Promoting your channel by leaving comments on other people’s videos on this link to encourage them to check out your channel or videos.
  • Misleading comments include links to full versions of videos, movies, and other media.

In this case, spamming is defined as advertising your channel and videos by connecting them to the comment sections of other producers’ channels. Creators typically use the parameter mentioned above to automate the filtering of comments that include links. It is not very nice when other artists repeatedly comment on your video to encourage you to check out different channels and videos; therefore, you should avoid this at all costs.

Promote your website, channel, or videos by leaving links in YouTube comments. You see them all the time, and they vary in length; some feature a link and say, Hey, check out my channel! Others contain a whole essay describing the content creator and his experience.hide-spam-links-youtube

As stated above, most artists utilize automatic comment filtering, yet spam still finds a way in. Your link will be deleted if it has nothing to do with the content you submitted below. Links should stick out and be valuable to the viewers. The creator might not erase it then. Aim for 15-20 comments every day. You want your comments seen by many, but YouTube will designate them as spam if you leave so many more similar comments quickly. In short, you may publish links in YouTube comments. The only hurdle is that creators can automatically ban links in comments.

Final Words

There are better ways to be noticed, like SEO. Concentrating on keywords, titles, thumbnails, and social media connections is more efficient. Leaving links in comments on other people’s channels is a poor idea.

People would rather be your audience and follow you for your wonderful personality or job. Persistently making those sorts of statements might frustrate individuals and lose their attention.



Why are people spamming YouTube links in comments?

People may ignore them without accessing the link. They use this to advertise their channels or videos in the comments of prominent YouTubers or viral videos.


Can links be used in YouTube comments?

Youtube enables you to include links in your comments. Click YouTube Studio and go to the Settings tab. Then, within Automated Filters, choose Block links and then click on Community. From now on, the only comments with links permitted are from you, moderators, and allowed users.